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Usually, SD card is one of the storage device that can store enough information including music files, video clips and photos. And it is supported on BlackBerry smartphone, digital camera, GPS navigation device and many more.

My BlackBerry Z10 smartphone with internal 16 GB of high storage capacity and extended up to 64 GB made possible to store huge amount of files on it. Its 8MP camera allows me to snap high quality pictures. So instead of using digital camera, I have always used BlackBerry smartphone camera to capture photos that are automatically being stored in BlackBerry SD card memory. Family trip and Sister wedding ceremony photos and videos were the best and memorable moment that I have captured using BlackBerry smartphone. All these photos were saved on my BlackBerry SD card.

Accidentally my little niece has erased all the files from my BlackBerry smartphone. It was very bad day for me since I have lost all my precious pictures, video clips, favorite songs and important documents. It made me depressed but what to do now? Is there any method to get back deleted files from BlackBerry SD card?

Have you accidentally deleted or lost your important files from BlackBerry SD card? Are you searching any method to get back deleted files? Don’t worry since here is the solution, using SD Card Recovery tool you will be able to recover files from BlackBerry SD card. No matter what wrong is happened to card or how you get your files missing from the card, by utilizing this application, you can easily retrieve your valuable files just like an expert. To learn more about this tool, you can go through brief article and recover files from BlackBerry SD card efficiently.

Reasons for which you may lose files from BlackBerry SD card:

  • Accidental deletion of files on BlackBerry SD card will lead to the situation where the erased files cannot be retrieved manually.
  • All files will be lost on BlackBerry SD card, when it is accidentally formatted by the user after format error or wrong due to selection of the drive.
  • Viruses can easily harm your BlackBerry SD card file due to which the files may get corrupted or missing from the BlackBerry device. Other than virus attack, third party utility like scanning the BlackBerry SD card using not updated antivirus software may result in losing SD card file.
  • Files may get deleted from source as well as destination storage, when interruption happens while moving files from BlackBerry SD card to the computer storage.
  • Sometimes, files will be lost or deleted due to BlackBerry SD card corruption. SD card may get corrupted if the same SD card is frequently used for multiple devices.
  • Abrupt shut down of computer when the BlackBerry SD card is connected to the computer and its file is being used by computer application.

Vital features of SD Card Recovery: This tool is very effective and powerful to retrieve all type of deleted files from BlackBerry SD card within couple of minutes. This software uses read-only methods to ensure risk free and effective BlackBerry SD card data recovery on both Windows and Mac computer. Built-in user-friendly interface helps the user to get back lost files from different type of flash memory cards like SD, SDXC, MMC, microSD, CF, xD, etc in just few clicks. It can quickly recover files from BlackBerry SD card that is inaccessible, formatted, damaged or corrupted. Demo version of the tool is available with preview option, which helps the user to view the recovered file from BlackBerry SD card.

“Hi everyone, by mistake I emptied the Recycle Bin folder on my system in which few required photos were saved. Without checking the Recycle Bin I blankly emptied it and then felt that the folder was containing few important image files too. Can anyone please help me out and suggest how to get back deleted pictures from emptied Recycle Bin? Please help me.”

Recycle Bin is the most beneficial option on all Windows operating system based computers to regain intentionally and by mistake deleted files just in one click. And also, if the deleted images and files are not necessary anymore then it can be completely removed from the hard drive by permanently deleting that file from Recycle Bin. Many users miss their memorable pictures and other important data by emptying Recycle Bin accidentally.

As Recycle Bin holds all deleted images and files, user empties this folder thinking that no file is required more. But there are some cases wherein important picture files might have been transferred to Recycle Bin folder without user’s notice, due to which picture files get erased. Many times, it happens because of following reasons:

  • Accidentally pressing Shift + Delete keys when removing images
  • Images on your computer can be erased by virus programs too. Moreover, use of anti-virus tool can also result in deletion of photos.
  • Mistakenly choosing any important image along with useless files while moving to Recycle Bin
  • While moving images from one storage location to another one on computer, user may select Delete option instead of selecting required option.
  • Sometimes, you will lose your photos from your computer due to unintentional formatting of hard drive partition where you had stored the images

Once you manage to delete your valuable photos from Recycle Bin, there remains no option to retrieve them manually. However if you have maintained backup images then it could be a great help for you. Otherwise, it could be a concern to get deleted images back. However, there is no need to worry much because with the use of effective recovery software one can easily restore pictures from emptied Recycle Bin within a minute.

One of the most suggested utility to get deleted images back after emptying Recycle Bin is Photo Recovery After program. This excellent utility has all the capabilities to retrieve permanently deleted images, songs, videos and other file types from computer hard drives, external hard disk, iPod, memory cards, USB drive, etc. with ease. The program also supports recovery of all media files from NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, FAT32 formatted storage devices on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2003 and Windows 8.

Photo Recovery After program can restore erased photos from memory card like SD card, XD card, SDXC, SDHC, CF card and so on that are manufactured by various assembling brands like SanDisk, LaCie, Transcend, Kingston etc. What’s more, one can utilize this product to get back photos after they are deleted or lost from Nikon, Samsung, Kodak, Canon, Fujifilm, Casio, Minolta Sony and other branded camera models. This tool also supports recovery of different type image file format such as JPEG, PNG, PSD, BMP, TIF, JPG, TIFF, including raw file formats such as KDC, K25, DCR, RAF, DNG, 3FR, CR2, CRW and so on.

Steps to get missing or deleted images by using Photo Recovery After tool:

  • Download Photo Recovery After software and install it to your system from which images were erased
  • Launch the application to get started with restoring process
  • In the main screen, click on Deleted Photo Recovery option in order to restore photos from emptied Recycle Bin
  • Now, select the drive from where pictures are deleted and also you can select required file types that you want to get back or skip it
  • Then the software scans the selected derive for deleted picture files within few span of time
  • After completion of the scanning process, all recovered pictures will be listed under File type view and Data view options
  • Go through the list of recovered files to select required picture and view it by clicking on Preview button
  • Give target location on host computer drive and save photos by clicking on Save


Photoshop is an image editing software used by professional photographers and graphic designers. PSD stands for Photoshop documents, which store images with most imaging options available on Photoshop. PSD is a layered image file, it is a default file format that Photoshop uses to save data. At present, this PSD files stands as the leading photo editing application. It has various photo editing options to perform functions such as selection, cropping, slicing, moving, etc. The photographs once taken by the camera does not always meet the requirements of the user, there are certain changes that are needed to be done on the image with the help of Photoshop software to get the desired results. The program allows the user to manipulate, crop, resize and correct color on digital photos. Photoshop supports vast range of graphic file formats, but it also uses its own PSD file format.

It allows the user to work with the image’s individual layers even after the file is saved. When the variations in the photo is done, Photoshop allows the layered PSD image file to flatten and then to convert the flatten image to JPG,GIF, TIF format so that it can be shared.

These PSD files store the images during editing as well as when the editing is complete. If these PSD files are deleted due to any reasons, then you will lose entire modified images and this would be a huge problem for you as you have put a lot of energy and time to carry out the editing of all these photos. In that situation, you need to retrieve deleted Photoshop files by any means. The best remedy to this is to get things sorted out by PSD recovery software. Recovering Photoshop PSD files after deletion is very easy and can be done within few clicks with the help of deleted document recovery tool.

Causes for deletion of Photoshop PSD files:

  • Formatting hard drive by mistake causes deletion of all the data along with Photoshop PSD files preserved in it.
  • Virus attack on any application or hard disk due to internet and external devices can lead to the loss of PSD documents.
  • Unknowingly any new user can click the delete option to erase away your important image files.
  • Deletion of Photoshop PSD files can also be due to sudden power loss leading to system shut down where you had no time to save the data. The other reasons for deletion of PSD file can be are application failure, system crash, etc.

Deleted document recovery software has some wonderful features, which retrieves your deleted PSD file in no time. The image recovery tool restores the component layers and retains the original layer properties providing you layers of PSD file in a separate folder of Photoshop file. To carry out the operations using deleted recovery software no skilled user is required as well as it provides full install / uninstall support. It also retrieves original image size and depth for each layer of the PSD file. The files recovered are kept in a hierarchical order which makes the search easy. Also, the recovery program gives a preview of the file to be recovered which makes you sure whether the file to be recovered is the desired one or some unwanted data.

Precautions to be taken to keep the PSD files safe:

  • Antivirus should be updated time to time and proper scanning of computer is required.
  • Once the file is deleted, instead of doing any other operations use a sophisticated repair tool.
  • Make use of UPS in case of power shortage and also check the battery and the power supply of the system while working on Photoshop.

Windows ZIP file associations are implemented to determine how Windows manages opening of the ZIP files. Windows can simply open ZIP files using Windows Explorer by default. Suppose you have a computer running Windows 7 operating system. You are installing a third party application into your computer that provides better options for managing a ZIP file. This application may take most of the ZIP file associations from Windows Explorer. If you uninstall that application, ZIP files may fails to open correctly.

What will you do in such a situation? You may try to manually set ZIP file association with a program. If that program doesn’t recognize ZIP extension, there is a problem of ZIP file getting corrupt. ZIP file header may get damaged as a result. The file contents can also get erased. However, there is a software that will be helpful for you for repairing ZIP file association problem on Windows 7. This software is known by the name Repair ZIPX. It scans a corrupt ZIP file and repair it. It is a read only software. So it doesn’t make any change to the original ZIP file, instead it create a new ZIP with files repaired from corrupt one.

Zip files can get corrupt by other reasons such as virus infection, CRC error, incomplete transfer of files, incomplete downloading etc. In all such situations, you can use this software exactly like doing it to repair ZIP file association Windows 7.

Features that make Repair ZIPX unique

  • This software is designed in such a manner that users ranging from novice to professional can easily install and run it without any training. It provides a completely automated wizard for ZIP file repair.
  • The powerful scanning engine of this software is built on advanced algorithms. This enables you to scan a ZIP file within minutes.
  • This software can able to fix all types of ZIP and ZIPX files.
  • After successful repairing of a corrupt ZIP file, you can preview data recovered from it.
  • You can use this software to repair an encrypted or password protected ZIP file without any delay.
  • This software is not limited to repair ZIP file association Windows 7. You can use this software for other Windows operating systems such as Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Vista.
  • ZIP files with sizes ranging from a few Kilobytes to even Giga bytes can be fixed using this software.
  • The software is capable of repairing both 32 and 64 bit ZIP files.
  • Free technical support is available for everyone who wish to use this tool. You can contact technical support team anytime. Live chatting option is available as part of the website. Technical support team is well equipped to solve any customer doubts regarding use of this software. Customers can interact with support team via Support ticket option in the web site.

Steps for Fixing ZIP File Association Problem

  • Download and install the trail version of Repair ZIPX on your desktop or laptop computer. It won’t take more than 50 MB of hard disk space for installation of this software.
  • Launch the application. In the home screen, you can see a browse button to find corrupt ZIP file. Locate your ZIP file using it and click on repair.
  • The repair engine will starts now. The time taken to fix ZIP file association problem depends on the size of the file.
  • After completion of the recovery process, contents inside the repaired ZIP file will show.
  • If you are satisfied with results, you can purchase the licensed software version.

“Hi, since from past one week my computer was misbehaving. It all happened because I had configured my system to some inappropriate settings. Just because of this, I was facing lot of troubles while working on my PC. In order to get rid of this issue, I restored my PC to its factory settings. After having restored the computer, I realized that I haven’t taken a backup of my important files. I have now lost all my essential files from computer and I have caught into a very critical state. Can anyone please tell me, what should I do to recover files after factory reset? I’ll appreciate any sort of assistance that I get.”

Are you too have caught in a similar sort of issue as described above? Do you want to recover files that have been lost after factory reset? Then, don’t worry, it is now possible. Just use file recovery application and get back all your important files in just couple mouse clicks. File recovery tool is a most effective computer application, which has been developed by a team of highly experienced and well dedicated software developer’s team. Earlier it was not at all possible to recover data after factory reset, even after deleting or losing the files from computer it was not possible to get back them. But, nowadays it has not remained an uphill task. There are many recovery tools available on web, using which you could recover data after restoring the settings of computer, among them most of the tools are unreliable and some of them have proved to be highly disastrous, if you use any of those tools on your PC then you would suffer a great loss, they could even damage your system and degrade its performance. But, file recovery app is a safest recovery utility, it will never harm your system and moreover it’s completely free from various harmful elements such as malignant programs and viruses.

Under what circumstances does the user opt for restore factory setting on PC?  

  • When computer gets severely infected by hazardous viruses such as Trojan, Adware, Spyware or Malware, then you may try to chase the bug using antivirus tool. In case antivirus fails to tackle the issue, then user may opt for factory restore.
  • If mistakenly any wrongs settings are configured on computer, then usually your system may behave in an improper way, if you have good knowledge in computers then nothing to worry as you can change the settings manually. But, if you have no idea about it, then you may restore factory settings. Once it is restored you will lose entire data from the computer.
  • Suppose, if the performance of your computer gets reduced then to upgrade the system performance you may restore its settings and lose data. However, if you want to restore files after factory reset then just make use file recovery tool.
  • While working on your computer sometimes you may accidentally click on “Factory Reset” option, once you select this option, then you’ll lose essential data from it.

Well, don’t get worried, if you come across any of these above described scenarios and lose important data, just employ the file recovery application and recover files after factory reset.

Salient Features of File Recovery App:

File recovery application can easily support various versions of Windows OS including Windows 8, Win 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008. It also supports all latest versions of Mac OS including Mavericks, Yosemite, Lion, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard and Leopard. The application is capable of recovering data from various secondary storage devices which include USB drives, external hard disks, memory cards, memory sticks, FireWire drives, etc. This remarkable tool has the capability of recovering more than 300 types of files including Word files, PPT files, PDF, Excel files, pictures, videos, audio files, etc. It’s easily compatible with various file systems including ExFAT, NTFS, NTFS5, HFS, HFS+, etc. With the help of this recovery app you could recover data from different types of hard drive interfaces including IDE, SCSI, PATA, ATA, SATA, etc. The application is very easy to use, it has a simple user interface so you don’t require any special skills or assistance to use this app. It could recover data from all major brands of hard drives including Samsung, Maxtor, Buffalo, Adata, Hitachi, Toshiba, etc. It allows the user sort recovered files based on file type, size of file, creation date, etc. There exists a support team, so at any point of time if you feel difficulty in recovering data then you could get the assistance from professionals. Prior to purchase, you can easily check out its performance by using the demo version of this tool. If you get satisfactory result from the tool then get its licensed version.





About trash:

Trash could be the folder where any files which are deleted by Macintosh user get saved. The deleted files move to Trash folder because if you change your brain later, then those files might be rescued. If the documents from Trash folder get lost because of some known or maybe unknown reasons, then it’s going to be the huge loss to suit your needs since it might contains some important files which can be needed for afterwards purposes.

Scenarios that creates to loss of files from Trash Mac

  • By emptying the actual Trash folder without undergoing the data files from it. Thus it would be the huge document loss from Trash Mac.
  • Trash folder upon Mac dynamically increases depending on file size that was deleted from your current Mac computer hard drive. Your hard get contains some restricted storage capacity. If you delete the files from your drive, the files travels to Trash folder then your older files contained in the trash folder gets lost due to less space in hard drive.
  • Suppose you possess deleted some important files on the Mac computer hard drive, the files travels to Trash folder. The deleted files might be restored on recognized location or upon different location, during restoration course of action if any interruption occurs for instance sudden power decline, abrupt system de-activate, etc. Then the files get loss from Trash folder.

With the usage of Trash Recovery software it is possible to recover files not simply from above stated scenarios but also there are lots of other scenarios which often cause loss documents from Trash Macintosh. However in every single situation of document loss from trash it is possible to recover by applying Trash Recovery computer software and you can also restore iPhoto from trash.

Features of Trash Recovery software

Trash Recovery software has loaded with deep scanning criteria, which performs severe scanning of on the entire drive and gets back each of the lost files without missing obviously any good single file. This tool comprises of the “Save Retrieval Session” feature, so as to save or application the recovery course of action at any desired time or from any desired phase which also ensures that you need not to search within those retrieved documents again. The files which can be retrieved after the completion in the scanning process might be analyzed before conserving the files. The rescued files might be stored based on the file expansion, file size, title and creation time frame. You can make use of this software on all versions of Macintosh (Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite) Operating System to be able to recover lost documents from Trash Macintosh. By using this software it is possible to recovers files from various types of hard drives like SATA, SCSI, IDE, and so on. And also it can support to recover files on thirty-two bit and 64 bit Computer. To know more about how to recover lost files from Trash Mac you can view by clicking on the link: http://www.trashrecoverymac.com/lost.html.


  • Always maintain separate external hard drive to store crucial files as a backup.
  • Before emptying the actual Trash folder check whether there may be any essential documents in Trash folder afterwards empty the Trash folder.
  • Maintain genuine anti-virus software and go on update your anti-virus computer software regularly.

iTunes is among the widely used application on iPods as well as other Mac digital gadgets that was developed by Apple Inc. in the year 2001 for buying and downloading files such as music, audio books, podcast, movies, games, etc. It is media player that is basically utilized to play, download, organize and save the music files on computer. Since these files take large amount of time and money to make collection of items based on ones need. If in any incident you lost music files accidentally this costs you financially and emotionally. So to avoid loss of songs you must have iTunes Recovery Software this will help you iTunes recovery from iPod.

One can lose data from iTunes while transferring file in one storage location of iPods to a different. Let’s take a real-time scenario where your system has less capacity hard drive. Since you are focusing on some project which demands more space, so now you have to remove some of your computer data from hard disk in order to external device, you opted for iTunes library which has the size of around GB’s. During the transfer of iTunes file because of some system failure your pc got switched off, later whenever you switched it on you found that iTunes file wasn’t available at its area i.e. it will be lost. In such kind of scenario’s you need not really panic, keep your head cool since all of your files can be retrieved by implementation of iTunes Recovery Tool without performing any kind of hectic task.

Sometimes error in synchronization concern occurs with iTunes as you connect iPod to your pc . This issue happens whenever you try to send any corrupted file for your iPod causing you loss in data. When such thing happens, then the system appears a message saying “Attempting to copy towards the disk failed. An unfamiliar error occurred (-69)”. The user of iTunes can easily face many such difficulties like iTunes crash, file corruption error in iTunes folder, improving iTunes errors, etc. There are certain essential things you need to take care of before restoring your files for example downloading and installation of software should happen on different volume and you thought to avoid using the volume which iTunes was earlier situated.

Some of the most attractive features of this software are:

  • It has enormous GUI that helps both novice and expert equally to do the recovery operation about the iPods.
  • It’s scanning algorithm tracks down all of the deleted files very quickly.
  • This advanced tool functions efficiently with different Mac computers like MacBook Air, Mac Mini, iMac computers and etc.
  • It may be used to restore backup files of different products of Apple for example iPod, iPad, etc.
  • Not only it recovers iTunes from iPods but additionally it can recover music files from external hard drive. To Know more regarding Music file recovery then follow this link: www.mp3recoverytool.com/music-from-external-hard-drive.html
  • This renowned application can easily works efficiently with various versions of Mac OS for example Leopard, Lion, Mountain lion, and so on.
  • This iTunes Recovery Software restores iTunes if it’s lost because of improper system shutdown.

Thus by examining the actual specialty of iTunes Recovery Software we are able to insist that it has got the capability of restoring iTunes files easily.

Hard disk is storage device for the computer or laptop but it’s been noticed that because of few reasons the hard disk becomes RAW. The term RAW indicates that hard disk doesn’t having any kind of file system existing on hard disk. If hard drive isn’t having any particular file system then at that situation you might be loose access to hard disk. In addition a RAW hard disk may cause a major risk in the important data inside the actual drive and frequently there can be a chance of large amount of data loss in the hard disk.

Once you loss data because of RAW hard drive then immediately you will think how you do recover files from RAW hard disk, if this is your situation then don’t need to worry because by utilizing RAW Hard Drive Recovery Software it is simple to recover files from RAW drive.

Reasons behind RAW hard disk

Malware Attack: One major cause is actually virus infection and this  is a result of downloading virus infected  files from internet, or else connecting virus infected devices to the computer and these  computer virus infected files can contain harmful virus  which might enters your hard drive. Furthermore these viruses might gradually corrupt your active partition’s file system and allow it to be as RAW hard drive.

Abrupt System Shutdown: Most of the time it has been realized that while certain process is within progress, in such case if your sudden system shut down occurs then this can result in corruption of your system’s hard disk and make it as RAW.

Interruption during File System Alternation: File system is generally performed to get rid of incompatibility issues on any type of storage device issues  even though conversion if there you may  any kind of interruption or errors then  it could leads to corruption of  hard disk file system and eventually it  can lead to converting hard disk to RAW state.

Outstanding features associated with RAW Hard Drive Recovery Software

  • This application is having quite simple GUI due to which you’ll easily recover data in the RAW hard disk effortlessly.
  • By using this software you are able to fluently bring back deleted data from RAW hard disk which may includes different brands of hard disk such as Hitachi, Toshiba, Seagate, Samsung, and so on.
  • This prominent tool continues to be completely designed to retrieve lost / deleted files after repartitioning the hard disk drive. To know complete data recovery from system hard disk then go through this particular link: www.undeleteplus.net
  • Making use of this tool it is possible to rapidly recover the data from many other removable storage devices for example memory card, external hard disk, thumb drive, etc.
  • The “Save Recovery Session” allow you to begin the recovery process from where it’s stooped the scanning procedure previously.
  • The ‘Preview’ option could be use to view all of your recovered data before likely to purchasing the recovery software.

Hard disk is used to store large amount of data. It is one of the important components of the Mac desktop or laptop to store the data. What you feel? If you have lost data stored on the hard drive? Are worrying to get back lost data from Mac hard drive? If this is situation then no need of worry, because by making use of Mac Disk Recovery Software you can easily get back lost data from Mac hard disk.

If you are facing this kind of situation then you will feel very upset that your stored vital data in Mac HDD is lost because of many reasons such as disk crash, accidental formatting, disk utility failure, and still many more. If you think that data is lost permanently then this is not true fact because still it can be possible for you to get back your data. Here is one of the fantastic utility by making use of which you can retrieve lost data from the Mac machine. Whatever is the reason behind the loss of data from the hard drive, Mac Disk Recovery Software ensures complete data recovery on Mac. With the help of this advance tool you can easily perform hard drive recovery Mac.

Reasons behind data loss from Mac

Format: Occasionally when you connect your removable drive to your Mac system and when it shows an error that “Your drive is not formatted, do you want to format your drive right now?” this kind of messages will get because of HDD corruption. It forces you to format external drive even if you really don’t want to do it. In this scenario you will lose the stored data in external hard drive fully.

Data Transferring: If you are busy with transferring crucial data from Mac hard disk to external storage device or external HDD to Mac machine and in this case if you come across any kind of interruptions because of sudden system restart, PC reboot, power failure, etc. then it results in drive failure on Mac.

Bad Sectors:  This is a kind of area sometimes created because of many reasons, if any of your data present on the bad sectors then it won’t allow you to access the data from the bad sectors so in this case you will lose huge amount of data from the drive.

Apart from above mentioned scenarios Mac hard drive can corrupt due to Mac file system corruption, header corruption, etc.

Features of Mac Disk Recovery Software

  • Using this advance tool it can be simple for you to recover lost data from any of the data loss scenarios from the Mac machine.
  • This utility also provides solution to recover data from different brands of HDD like Seagate, Buffalo, Transcend and many others.
  • This advanced utility is reliable and most efficient recovery software for Mac file systems like HFS+, HFSX, and FAT.
  • This renowned application can be used for any kind of hard disk partition recovery. To know more details regarding partition recovery just go through this link: http://www.harddriverecoverymac.com/partition.html
  • This recovery software can be used on different Mac machines such as iMac, Macbook Pro, Macbook, MacBook Air, Mac Mini, Mac Pro, etc.

“Yesterday I had recorded many videos in college annual day function so when I came home We moved entire video files to my laptop  even though I was playing this I was shocked after I got error message such as file is corrupted  and it also cannot be opened. Can anyone suggest me the way to repair corrupted video file”.

In case you are facing this kind of video file corruption scenario then you should not worry because here you’ve excellent solution for damaged video file repair. Sure, by making use of ultimate Video Repair Utility it is effectively possible to repair video file and you will enjoy video file by plying in media player.

Reasons behind video file corruption

Codec Problems: Most of the users may face this sort of Codec issues, its nothing but video file cannot be play properly in media player, but sometime you might notice that audio is actually lagging behind video as well as visa versa. The main reason for codec issues is file header corruption.

Virus Infection: Virus may enter your PC through various reasons like connecting the virus infected removable devices or downloading files from web sites. Once it enters your system then there might be chance of file corruption which might include video files also.

Media Player Crash: Once the media player is refusing to play video file then this can be a sign of video file corruption.

Incomplete Video File Transfer: Files may damage while sending and receiving video files from other infected storage devices.

Top features of Video Repair Utility

  • This video repair tool is one of the safest and powerful video repair tool and applying this you can perform repair task quickly.
  • By making use of this excellent tool it could be possible to support batch repair.
  • This renowned tool divides audio and video streams while repair process is under progress and when the repair task is actually completed then it adjoins both audio and video streams together and produce fresh playable video file.
  • Best tool to repair MPEG video, MOV and MP4 video files which corrupted or damaged due to any reason.
  • Now repair task become easier because video repair tool has excellent user interface by using it anyone can accomplish the actual repair task.
  • Video repair task can be carried out on both Windows and Mac operating-system.
  • Using this tool it could be possible to repair video files that have been generated by the various camcorders like Sony, Samsung, as well as Toshiba etc. To know more in details regarding Sony video file repair just follow this link:  www.videorepairsoftware.com/sony-professional.html

Ideas to avoid video file corruption

  • Avoid virus attack to video file by utilizing any updated anti-virus software.
  • If media player isn’t compatible with particular video file then don’t attempt to open it repeatedly.
  • Avoid changing the video file extensions as it sometimes corrupt your video file.