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Mac OS is specially designed to work on Intel processor; it is a UNIX based operating system. Mac computers are becoming very popular all over the world. It gains popularity due to the advance features like mail application, file vault, face time, Mac App Store, Air Drop etc. Apple launched numerous versions of Mac OS as Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) and Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard).

While working with valuable data, it will always be essential that you have backups of all your crucial files in order to avoid losing data permanently. Generally people ignore this since they think creating a backup is really a time waste. There are many cases of Mac hard disk failure that you could encounter in your day to day life. At such critical situation, some knowledge about Mac file recovery solution will help you to come out from this situation.

The majority of the Mac OS users over the globe have a perception that whenever they delete any file using their hard disk drive or format the hard drive brings about permanent data loss. But, it’s not true. Because whenever you format your hard disk or deleted any files as a result merely the reference pointers directing on the stored file or folder is removed and also the particular space set as absolve to store new data nevertheless the actual files remains intact until and unless it gets overwritten with new data. So you can still recover your data back by utilizing advance hard disk drive recovery tool.

Data loss scenarios

Some most frequent scenarios because of which Mac user’s faces data loss problem are defined below. Severe virus attack on system hard drive make your drive inaccessible, results huge loss of data. In Mac operating-system journal files exist which keeps a record of all the information stored within hard disk and regularly update it. In the event it gets corrupt OS start pointing toward wrong location. At such case data became inaccessible and you left with only one solution i.e. “formatting”. Sometime volume/logical drive neglect to mount, and we are not able to access that specific drive. Improper shutdown of system may be another reason for loss of data from hard disk drive.

Precautions that must be followed

  • Maintain an effective backup of important files
  • Before connecting any external drive with your system scan it first.
  • Use reliable source of energy to prevent power surge.


Through mac hard drive recovery tool it is possible to recover you lost and deleted files in their original form. In addition, it also supports MacBook hard disk data recovery. To recoup data out of your Mac hard drive or volume without wasting time select the Mac Recovery tool. Download its free trial version from internet. Software manual contain snapshot, which helps you in utilizing software. It also provides a facility to preview recovered data before recovery. If you’re pleased with the demo version than get its full version in order to save recovered data.